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City of Heroes/Villains GuildPortal Guides
Blasters: AR Blasters, A Leveling Guide
Blasters: Fire Blaster Guide
Blasters: Part 1, General
Blasters: Part 2, Primary Powers AR a...
Blasters: Part 3, Primary Powers EB a...
Blasters: Part 4, Primary Powers IB
Blasters: Part 5, Secondary Powers D ...
Blasters: Part 6, Secondary Powers E ...
Blasters: Part 7, Ice Manipulation an...
Blasters: Tactics, A Guide to Hunting...
Blasters: Tip for Blasters
Blasters: Travel Powers
Controllers: Controller Guide
Controllers: Illusion/Radiation Contr...
Controllers: Tips for Controllers
Controllers: Understanding Earth Control
Controllers: Understanding Fire Control
Defenders: Buff and Debuff Powers
Defenders: Guide Part 1, Primary Powers
Defenders: Guide Part 2, Secondary Po...
Defenders: Kinetics/Psychic Blast Def...
Enhancements: Calculating Effectiveness
Enhancements: Enhancement Guide
Enhancements: Enhancements FAQ
Epic: Ancillary Powers by Archetype
Epic: Peacebringer Guide
Epic: Peacebringer Overview
Epic: Warshade Guide
Epic: Warshade Overview
General: Aggro and Pulling Techniques
General: Bind Command Reference
General: Character Title Choices
General: CoH/Online Game Jargon
General: Global and Coalition Chat Guide
General: Group Battle Tactics 101
General: Guide for a Happy and Effici...
General: Influence and Low Security L...
General: Macro Binds FAQ
General: Stark's Leveling Guide
General: The Complete Guide to Toggles
General: Top 10 Character Generation ...
General: Travel Powers
General: Travel Powers Overview
General: Unofficial Guide to /bind
History: Part 1, Heroes Emerge
History: Part 2, Heroes at War
History: Part 3, Villainy and Cold War
History: Part 4, New Threats
Ice/Ice blaster
Newbie: New Player FAQ (Incl. Issue 2...
Newbie: So You Want to be a Hero?
Scrappers: Dark Armor Scrapper Guide
Scrappers: Life of a Claws/Dark Armor...
Scrappers: Martial Arts/Super Reflexes
Scrappers: Regeneration and Power Poo...
Scrappers: Resistance and Defense Powers
Scrappers: Scrapper Guide
Scrappers: Stark's Dark Melee Guide
Scrappers: The Life of a Broadsword S...
Scrappers: Tips for Scrappers
Tankers: Guide Part 1, Primary Powers
Tankers: Guide Part 2, Secondary Powers
Tankers: Life of an Energy Punch/Flam...
Tankers: Luckton's Ice Armor Guide
Tankers: Resistance and Defense Powers
Tankers: Tips for Tanks

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